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Pheromone Lures are available for the following insects :
For more details of pest infestation and damage please click on the pest name indicated in blue color.

1. Agrotis ipsilon(Black cutworm)

2. Aproaerema modicella(Groundnut leaf miner)

3. Caloptilia theivora(Tea leaf roller)

4. Chilo infuscatellus(Sugarcane early shoot borer)

5. Chilo partellus(Maize spotted stalk borer)

6. Chilo sacchariphagus indicus(Sugarcane internodeborer)

7. Chilo suppressalis( Asiatic rice borer)

8. Conogethes punctiferalis(Yellow peach moth)

9. Crocidolomia binotalis(Cabbage head caterpillar)

10. CUCURLURE for cucurbit crops

11. Diaphania indica(cucurbit fruit borer)

12. Earias insulana(spotted bollworm)

13. Earias vitella(Spiny bollworm)

14. FRULURE for fruit crops

15. Helicoverpa armigera(Cotton bollworm)

16. Helopeltis theivora(Tea Mosquito bug

17. Keiferia lycopersicella(Tomato pinworm)

18. Leucinodes orbonalis(Brinjal fruit and shoot borer)

19. Mythimna loreyi(False armyworm)

20. Mythimna separata(Rice ear cutting caterpillar)

21. Pectinophora gossypiella(Pink bollworm)

22. Phthorimaea operculella(Potato tuber moth)

23. Plutella xylostella(Diamond back moth)

24. Prayas citri(Citrus flower moth)

25. Scirpophaga excerptalis(White sugarcane top borer)

26. Scirpophaga incertulas(Rice yellow stem borer)

27. Scirpophaga innotata(rice white stem borer)

28. Scirpophaga nivella(White rice borer)

29. Sesamia inferens(Maize pink stem borer)

30. Spodoptera exigua(Beet armyworm)

31. Spodoptera frugiperda(Fall armyworm)

32. Spodoptera litura(Oriental leaf worm)

33. Trichoplusia ni(The cabbage looper)

34. Tuta absoluta(Tomato leaf miner)

35. Plodia interpunctella(Indian meal moth)

Note :
Change all the lures at periodic intervals (30 days in summer and 30-45 days in remaining seasons) except for frulure and cucurlure.
Both frulure and cucurlure works for 3 months / one crop season i.e., flowering to harvesting.

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