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Conogethes punctiferalis

(Yellow peach moth) – is a serious pest on castor, guava, pomegranate, pear, turmeric, ginger, mango.
Life cycle
Eggs: Eggs are “round and light yellow in color, and 0.63 × 0.41 mm in size. After incubation of 6–7 days, the eggs turn dark brown with a dark head”.
Larvae: The larva of the moth has a black head and a pale greenish body with a pinkish suffusion dorsally.
Coloration can vary by type of food. Fully grown larvae are 16 to 26 mm and are rather stout, pale or reddish-brown with numerous flattened horny warts that have short bristly hairs. The prothoracic shield is large and the head is reddish-brown.
Pupae: “The pupa measures 15 mm long and is brown in color. The pupa is enclosed by a white silken cocoon.
Adults: Adults are pale straw yellow with numerous small black spots and a wing span of 18 to 24 mm.
Host plants
Sorghum, castor, guava, pomegranate, pear, turmeric, ginger, mango, cardamom, teak, cocoa etc.,
The larva of this species is the damaging stage, and it bores into stems, shoots, buds, fruits, and seeds of many plants. Caterpillar bores into young fruits Feeds on internal contents (pulp and seeds) Dry up and fall off in without ripening. This pest is Serious on castor, Larvae bore into shoots and capsules. Affected shoots show bore holes covered with frass and capsules are webbed together with dark excreta and other matter. Sorghum: Larval feeding results in extensive webbing of grains and broken grains. In Guava and pomegranate, Larvae sometimes bore into the fruits.
In Maize, It damages the silk, grain and cob, and sometimes tunnels bored into the stalk. Cotton: Larvae bore into cotton bolls and sometimes the stems. Ginger: Larvae begin feeding on the green contents of the leaves and later bore into the shoots, feeding on the inner core.
ETL for Conogethes punctiferalis is 10-12 No’s of moths per trap per day.
Use 8 No’s Pheromone Traps per acre for best results.
Recommended trap model: Phero-Sensor™-BP or Phero-Sensor™ - SP traps
Recommended for: sorghum, castor, guava, pomegranate, turmeric, ginger, mango.

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