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Aproproaerema modicella

(Groundnut leaf miner)-is a pest of groundnut and soybean where yield losses of up to 30-50% are reported in groundnut. Eggs are laid singly on the underside of the leaves of groundnut, soybean and other leguminous plants.
Life cycle
Young larvae mine the leave and later instars exit the mine to web together several leaflets. In general larvae of Aproaerema modicella pass through five instars with the duration of larval development lasting between 9 to 28 days. Pupation occurs in webbed leaflets and is completed in 3 to 10 days. The number of generations per crop is highly variable and may vary from 2 to 7 generations depending on crop, season and climate. The pest is very sporadic with wide population fluctuations between generations and seasons. Temperatures in range of 25-30°C are very favorable for this pest.
Host plants
Small blister like mines are seen on the upper leaf surface near mid rib. As the feeding advances, the mines increase in size and the entire leaf becomes brown, rolls, shrivels and dries up. In severe cases the affected crop presents a burnt up appearance.
ETL for Aproaerema modicella is 10-12 No’s of moths per trap per day. ETL is 2-3 larvae per plant.
Use 10 No’s Pheromone Traps per acre from 30 days crop stage to control pest at early stage.
Trap canopy should be placed one feet above crop canopy to achieve optimum catch.
Recommended trap model:
Phero-Sensor™-SP or Phero-Sensor™-Delta Trap
Recommended for: Groundnut.

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