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Phthorimaea operculella

(Potato tuber moth) –is a moth of the family Gelechiidae and is especially known for being a major pest of potato crops.
Life cycle :
Egg : Adult female can lay over 200 eggs over their lifespan, depending on environmental conditions. The eggs are typically oval in shape, smooth, and have a pearly white to yellowish color. The eggs usually take around five days to hatch.The eggs can be laid on the soil next to a preferred host plant, but they are typically laid next to a vein on the leaf, between the bud and the stem, or underneath the stem.
Larvae : Potato tuber moth larvae are typically 12-15mm long and are white or yellow with a brown head and prothorax. As the larvae matures, its color changes from white/yellow to pink/green. The thorax contains small black spots as well as bristles on each segment.
Pupae : The pupae are narrow in width and typically 0.5 inches in length. They are usually white in color and will take 10–30 days to develop, depending on environmental conditions.
Adult : Adult potato tuber moths are nocturnal and typically are not active until 1–2 hours after sunset. They are capable of flying for over 5 hours and 10 kilometers non-stop. Potato tuber moth commonly live for 1–2 weeks. Mating begins around 24 hours after emergence and most eggs are laid within the first quarter of the female's life. Peak oviposition for females occurs 2–5 days after emergence and declines to much lower levels by day 7.
Host plants :
Potato, Tomato and Tobacco.
Damage :
The larvae of the potato tuber moths can be very damaging to potato crops as well as tobacco and tomato plants. The larvae will eat away at the foliage and then proceed to eat away at the tubers as well, preventing the plant from growing. Larva tunnels into foliage, stem and tubers Galleries are formed near tuber eyes
ETL for Phthorimaea operculella (Potato tuber moth) is 6-8 No’s of moths per trap per day.
Use 8 No’s Pheromone Traps per acre from one month crop stage to control pest at early stage.
Trap canopy should be placed one feet above crop canopy to achieve optimum catch.
Recommended trap model :
Phero-Sensor™ - BP or Phero-Sensor™ - SP or Stick-O-Magic™ Water traps.
Recommended for: Potato, Tomato and Tobacco.

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