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Helopeltis theivora

(Tea mosquito bug) – This is the most important among the tea pests in India and widely distributed in Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and North-Eastern part.
The adult is small bug measuring 6-8 mm in length. The body is slender and elongated with yellowish-brown or olive green head, dark red thorax and black and white abdomen and greenish brown wings. Appendages are long, dark and delicate. Bugs are active in the early morning and late evening hours and hide in the bushes during the remaining period.
Life cycle
Mating occurs soon after the emergence of adults. Female start laying eggs within two days later copulation- A female is capable of laying about 500 eggs. The eggs are trust by the female into the surface tissues of the host plants. The eggs are elongated and sausage shaped. Each egg bears two C filamentous processes which project out from the tissues in which the eggs have been inserted Hatching occurs within 5 to 7 days in summer and 20 to 27 days in winter. The larval periods lasts for 9-10 days in summer and 25-29 days in winter. Life cycle is completed in about 15 20 day in summer and 45-60 days. There may be several generations in a year.
Host plants
Cashew, neem, moringa and guava are other host plants.
The adult and nymphal stage of Tea mosquito bug causes damage of serious nature to the tea plantation. The nymph and adult inserts their needle like stylets into the younge leaves, buds and tender shoots to suck the plant sap. These punctures appear as reddish brown water soaked spots. The toxin injected through saliva of the pest causes the tissues around the punctured snot to dry and die. The affected portion becomes brown and later on becomes black. The leaves having many such black spots shrivel and eventually fall off. The infected shoot also show such spots winch extends to almost whole plant. The bushes severely affected by this pest look as if they have been torched by fire. Due to intensive feeding, leaves curl up, become badly deformed and remain small. Gradually, shoots dry up.
ETL for Helopeltis theivora is 15 – 20 No’s of moths per trap per day.
Use 8-10 No’s Pheromone Traps per acre from 15 days crop stage to control pest at early stage.
Trap canopy should be placed one feet above crop canopy to achieve optimum catch.
Recommended trap model : Stick-O-Magic™ Water trap.
Recommended for: Tea (Camellia sinensis).

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