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Earias insulana

(Spiny bollworm) –is known as Egyptian stemborer, Egyptian bollworm, spiny bollworm or cotton spotted bollworm, is a moth of the family Nolidae. It is the most important pest of Cotton and Okra.
Larva- Brown with dorsum showing a white median longitudinal streak. The last two thoracic segments and all the abdominal segments have two pairs of fleshy tubercles(finger shaped processes) one dorsal and the other lateral.
Pupa - Brown and boat shaped
Adult - Small buff coloured. Forewings are uniformly silvery green.
Life cycle
Full-grown larvae are 13–18 mm long and their wingspan is generally about 24–28 mm.
Pupation takes place in a felt-like cocoon, which is attached to dry leaves of the food plant or to plant debris on the ground. Typically, the pupal stage takes 9–15 days, but may extend to up to two months if development is delayed by low temperatures.
Adults show strong seasonal polymorphism, depending on the temperature. Two distinct forms are present in some areas: a bright green summer form and a brownish-yellow autumn form. The wingspan is 20–22 mm.
Host plants
Cotton, Okra, Hibiscus, Rice, Sugarcane Corn and Indian mallow.
1. Drying and drooping of terminal shoots during pre-flowering stage.
2. Shedding of squares and young bolls.
3. Flaring up of bracts during square and young boll formation stage.
4. Holes on bolls and rotting of bolls.
The caterpillars of the pest not only bore the bolls but also attack the shoots, buds and flowers. The infested bolls open prematurely and produce poor lint resulting in lower market value.
ETL for Earias insulana is 6-8 No’s of moths per trap per day.
Use 8 No’s Pheromone Traps per acre from 15 days crop stage to control pest at early stage.
Trap canopy should be placed one feet above crop canopy to achieve optimum catch.
Recommended trap models : Phero-Sensor™- BP or Phero-Sensor™ - SP traps.
Recommended for: Cotton and Okra.

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