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Mythimna loreyi

(False Armyworm) – also known as Loreyi leafworm, rice armyworm is a species of moth of the family Noctuidae. The Caterpillars are not easily seen on infested crops. Leaves are eaten and the droppings of the caterpillars are conspicuous. During the day they are either found hidden in the heart of the plant or in the soil or trash at the base.
Life cycle :
The adults are nocturnal, producing moe than 1000 eggs/female that are placed on host leaf sheaths and stems.
The larvae are grey–brown with 2 dark and 2 pale longitudinal stripes, about 35 mm long.
The adults are about 15-20 mm in length, forewings pale-brown, with a small dark spot in the middle, hindwings whitish, with pale-brown veins. The legs are also brown. The adults live for 2-3 weeks and raise several annual generations.

Host plants :
Maize(corn) Rice, Wheat, Barley and sorghum.
Damage :
The Caterpillars feed on the leaves, leaving only the midrib uneaten. Caterpillars bore into 'heart' of wheat and barley and also attack the developing flower spikes.
ETL for Mythimna Loreyi is 10-12 No’s of moths per trap per day.
Use 8 No’s of Pheromone Traps per acre from 1-week crop stage for best results.
Trap canopy should be placed one feet above crop canopy to achieve optimum catch.
Recommended trap model: Phero-Sensor-SP™ or Phero-Sensor - BP™
Recommended for: Maize, Rice, Wheat, Barley and sorghum.

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