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Manufacturers of Pheromone Traps & Lures
We welcome and offer you the tools for best agricultural practices and integrated pest management ....
We offer customized solutions through eco friendly pheromone lures and traps that enable a pesticide and insecticide free agricultural practices.
We manufacture crop specific pheromones lures and a variety of traps to monitor and control target pests. Each pheromone lure is designed for a specific insect. No trap will be effective for all insects. Our pheromone Lures are may be lower risk than conventional pesticides.
By constantly monitoring for insects, it may be possible to detect an infestation before it occurs. Early detection of pest insects using pheromone traps can also lessen damage.
IPM is a combination of common sense and scientific principles. It's a way of thinking about pest management that values. We at Pheromene Chemicals support IPM with our products, using knowledge about the pest's behaviour and life cycle.
Learn the pest's biology...
(habits, life cycle, hostplants and damage.) one by one !
Identify the pests and insects that damage your crop in the most specific terms possible !!
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If you have already identified the pest/insect on your crop, check for the number of Lures & Traps to be used per acre.


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